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I'm an independent designer based in beautiful Houston, Texas. I've spent the last 8 years bringing a visual voice to brands, and solving problems through thoughtful design. I love collaborating with clients who understand the value of good design and are eager to take an unconventional approach to a project's execution. At the end of the day, when my clients are happy, I'm happy.

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Katz Coffee


Cold Brew Label Packaging
Brand Refresh

Adding a little more awesome to an already awesome brand.

Katz Coffee sources high quality beans from across the world, roasts every bag of coffee in house, and distributes to stores, restaurants, and bars all across Texas–always with a smile on their face. I was hired to design labels for their brand new cold brew coffee line featuring 9 different flavors of cold brew coffee. You can purchase them now at all Central Market locations across Texas.

Texas Hill Country Pecan
Pantone 3395C
Chocolate Mudslide
Pantone 2995C
Dark Roast
Pantone 213C
Jumping Mouse Blend
Pantone 375C
Colombia Single Origin
Pantone 109C
Cafe de Olla
Pantone 2592C
Velvet Espresso
Pantone 715C
Pantone 1655C
Vanilla Bean
Pantone 121-6C
Oh, I also designed their website in a past life.